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Wild Atlantic Way Exhibition

Discover the “Wild Atlantic Way” at The Garden of Reflection

The Bishop Street Studio artists will be holding their first collective exhibition at the Garden of Reflection on Bishop Street, from Wednesday May 25th to Friday 10th June. This exhibition showcases the talents of the artists who work in the Cathedral Quarter of the city. The nine participating artists have each produced work in response to the theme of “Wild Atlantic Way”, in various mediums, from oil painting to print, video to sculpture.

Painter and printer, Deirdre Doherty, explains, “In the Bishop Street Studios we have artists who work with different materials and in different styles and genres – everything from traditional oil painting to conceptual and performance art – so we thought it was important to find a broad enough theme that could inspire us all and at the same time create an accessible exhibition. The theme of “Wild Atlantic Way” was a natural choice, as we can represent not only the landscape that we live in but also capture something of the character of the people and spirit of the place.”

The nine participating artists are John Black, Patsy Brennan, Kay Devine, Deirdre Doherty, Janet Hoy, Aili Fu, Emma Jane Logue, Carl Taylor, and Amanda Walker.

The exhibition will be opening on Wednesday 25th May, at 7pm. It will continue until Friday 10th June, opening each week day between 11 am and 4 pm.

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